Upcoming Event Schedule

May 31:   Fourth Jack & Jill Doubles Qualifier, at Billiard Club at 4:30 P.M.

June 7: City Tournament Meeting for 8-Ball & 9-Ball at 12 Noon at Bird Bowl in the meeting room. All qualified teams are required to have a player representative at the meeting.
June 12-14:   Dade APA 8-Ball City Tournament, Bird Bowl

June 20-21: Dade APA 9-Ball City Tournament, Sharpshooters
First J & J Qualifier: Richard Davidson & Karla Garcia
Second J & J Qualifier: Luis Young & Lisa Perez
Third J & J Qualifier: Rene Nodarse & Brooke Glosson 



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Congratulations to our National Singles Championship Competitors
Jose Vinas - 33rd
Misha Gulliksen - 65th
David Uwate - 33rd & 65th
Javier Chirino - 65th
Isrrael Gonzalez - 17th
Felipe Caraballo - 65th

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8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Open
The new session is starting, don't miss out on your chance to go to Las Vegas, get signed up now!
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